Our Mission

Our Mission

We are the “Voice for Business” in Michigan’s Great Southwest!

The Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber is a 501c6, member-driven organization working to achieve economic prosperity throughout the region.


Our mission is to leverage every available resource within our network for the advancement of our members and the betterment of all who live and work in our community.


To propel Southwest Michigan to national prominence as a vibrant, regional destination where business thrives, talent resides, and quality of life is second to none.

Four Pillars of Service

• Advocacy
• Visibility
• Networking
• Benefits

Four Core Values

• Leadership
• Collaboration
• Integrity
• Innovation


• Invest in the attraction and development of business and talent.
• Influence consumer sentiment and spending habits.
• Impact public policy and elected officials through advocacy.
• Improve alignment among stakeholders and across communities.
• Ignite the growth of our region.

Established 1954