Thriving Industries in Southwest Michigan

Southwest Michigan is a diverse and dynamic region, home to a range of thriving industries that contribute to the economic growth and vibrancy of our communities. Explore the major sectors that drive our region’s success:

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Southwest Michigan’s fertile soil and favorable climate make it a hub for agricultural excellence. Our region is renowned for its fruit orchards, vineyards, and the production of everything from apples and blueberries to wine and craft beer. The agricultural sector not only feeds the nation but also fuels a blossoming agribusiness industry.

Manufacturing and Automotive

Manufacturing is a key driver of our local economy, with a strong presence in the automotive and related industries. From auto parts to advanced manufacturing, companies in our region are at the forefront of innovation and production.


The healthcare sector continues to grow in Southwest Michigan. Home to world-class hospitals and served by Michigan’s largest healthcare provider, this industry plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of our residents while also attracting top talent and investments.

Tourism and Hospitality

Nestled along the stunning shores of Lake Michigan, Southwest Michigan is a popular destination for tourists. The tourism and hospitality industry is thriving, with charming bed-and-breakfasts, beachfront resorts, and vibrant downtown areas that cater to visitors year-round.

Education and Innovation

Our region is home to several prestigious educational institutions, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing. Collaborations between academia and local businesses have resulted in collaborative partnerships that expand far beyond high school and college campuses.

Southwest Michigan’s economic landscape is as diverse as its natural beauty, creating a promising environment for growth and prosperity. We invite you to explore and engage with the economic vitality of our region, whether through employment, investment, or collaboration.


Strategically Positioned and Multi-modal

Whether you’re considering starting a business, relocating, or expanding operations, Southwest Michigan’s strategic location is a catalyst for success.

Proximity to Major Cities

Strategically positioned within a few hours’ drive of major cities like Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis, Southwest Michigan offers convenient access to extensive markets. This proximity to major economic centers facilitates efficient distribution and supply chain management for businesses in the region.

Transportation Hub

Southwest Michigan boasts a robust transportation network, including major highways, railways, and ports. This infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods and people, making it an ideal location for businesses with logistics and distribution needs.

Gateway to International Trade

With our proximity to Lake Michigan, businesses in Southwest Michigan have easy access to international shipping and trade. The region is a hub for exporters and importers looking to access global markets through the Great Lakes and beyond.

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Whether you’re a business looking to invest, an entrepreneur seeking new opportunities, or an individual considering relocation, Southwest Michigan offers a wide array of prospects. We can connect you with the tools for success.

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